The Hungarian Academy of Science neuroscience committee (NAP-committee) members visit the lab 3rd November 2015 after our presentation in the Neurobiology Symposium (Biological Research Centre).


The lab in local TV news (VTV Szeged) presenting the research of human brain tissue 8th Jan 2016.


Interview of Karri Lamsa and Gabor Tamas about their research on human brain tissue (county newspaper "Délmagyarország").



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Our recent research paper showing plasticity in human-specific neuronal connections in the neocortex is highlighted in PLOS Biology. 

See original paper by Szegedi et al. in the journal.

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Gabor Tamas- and Karri Lamsa -research groups human microcircuits research studies are presented in the Hungarian Academy of Sciences news page.


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Drs Viktor Szegedi and Gabor Molnar are interviewed on human brain evolution by national radio station (Hungarian only).