Our main interest is to investigate neuromodulation and plasticity of synaptic connections between identified cortical neurons in rodent and human brain slices. We use various electrophysiological recording techniques with structural and molecular analysis of cells. In addition, we utilise genetically modified mice to understand the impact of modified inhibitory interneurons on network activity and behavior. 


Funding and history

The laboratory started in the University of Szeged in January 2015 with funding from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (National Neuroscience Program, NAP).

Research environment

Szeged is an idyllic university town in the south of Hungary. The department of Physiology, Anatomy and Neuroscience locates in a peaceful area in new Szeged and provides excellent research opportunities in an international atmosphere. 


Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Neuroscience in the University of Szeged.


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